Welcome to Himalayan French Cheese Pvt. Ltd.

Love of nature and food brought me to create, in the heart of the Himalayas, Himalayan French Cheese. This poetic dream took birth in the foothills of Shivapuri, a can of milk and 4 Tommes delivered daily by rickety bicycle. The company has aged and matured along with my cheese, and now, from those humble beginnings, 8 years later, 10 Nepalis, 2 expert French cheese makers and a family of dogs all work enthusiastically together towards runnier, smellier cheese.


After a long search, Dhulikhel (where the milk is plentiful and the climate cool enough) became home to my new Cow Cheese Factory. The milk is gathered from the organic model farm of Patleket. From this, with the magic of vegetarian rennet, we produce a different cheese each day of the week. Tomme, Belkot, Camembert, Reblochon, Brie, Saint Marcelin and cream cheese flavoured with wild, local herbs. 


Two short weeks before the earthquake  that shook Nepal we’d started a Yak Cheese Factory in Ramechhap, on the old route to Everest. The building cracked, but the cheese making goes on. Milk keeps coming every morning and the cave is slowly filling up with cheeses lovingly crafted by Makar our senior Cheese Maker.


Yak Blue Cheese, Neufchatel plus a few more are in the pipeline, all dreamed up as the perfect marriage to a glass of wine.

Our factories

Dhulikhel  Cows

My search for the ideal location has finally brought us to the pleasant pastures of Dhulikhel, which we find to be the perfect microclimate for the cheese. Stray from the main road and you’ll find an area as beautiful as it is lush. In the shadow of snow mountains the region has barely changed in centuries and the rural idyll continues (with us as a friendly new neighbor). Precisely located in Milan Chowk the factory is run by 2 Cheese Masters and 2 helpers. We pasteurize the morning milk on delivery, craft the cheeses, salt them in the evening and store them away at night in one of our caves where they will spend between a week and six months (depending the cheese). Here they mature to perfection, then make the short journey from countryside to town (and your plate).

Our next dream? A wine and cheese bar on site. Which will become a reality by the end of the year. 

Serding – Yaks

Always ready to embrace a challenge and search for new heights of cheese making, on the first day of the Nepali year 2072 (or April 14th 2015) I started a small Yak Cheese Factory in Serding, Ramechhap district. This is a world’s first for French cheese as indeed for Yak’s. The rich milk of the Yak celebrated in the region for it’s great nutritional value coupled with ages old knowledge of French Cheese Making is set to take the markets by storm. At close to 4000 metres above sea level, in the pure, high mountain air of the mighty Himalayas we work with 3 herders to produce Tomme and Serding (a whole milk pressed Yak cheese). The beauty of this cheese lies in the milk and the beauty of the milk lies in the verdant, organic pastures of the Yaks, strewn for most of the year with wild flowers unique to the area.

We are currently ripening Tomme and Gumdel (our latest creation) and will start producing Blue Yak Cheese in September, get your baguettes ready plus a fine bottle of red (I’d suggest a subtle Bourgogne).

Our Clients


Hyatt Regency, Bouddha

Dwarika, Batisputali

Radisson, Lazimpat

Shangrila, Lazimpat

Shanker, Lazimpat

Yak and Yeti, Durbar Marg

Annapurna, Durbar Marg

Yellow House, Paknajol

Yellow House, Sanepa

Kathmandu Guest House, Thamel



Qatar Airways


Chez Caroline, Baber Mahal revisited

Le Sherpa, Lazimpat

The Old House, Durbar Marg

French Corner, Lazimpat

Piano B, Ekantakuna

Mezze, Durbar Marg

Vienna Bakery, Jhamsikhel

Vesper House, Jhamsikhel

Pumpernikel bakery, Thamel

OR2K, Thamel

OR2K, Pokhara

Flat Iron Grill, Lazimpat

Nanglo, Kamaladi

Pauline’s Garden, Baluwatar

Fire and Ice, Thamel


Shop Right, Thamel

Pho99, Boudha

Cheese and Art, Baluwatar

French Corner, Lazimpat

Piano B, Ekantakuna

Saleways, Maharjgunj

Chez Caroline, Baber Mahal revisited

Saleways, Pulchowk


Farmer's Market at Le Sherpa

Out of passion for food and to connect quality producers and food lovers of the valley, I have been organising Farmer’s market in Kathmandu and Patan for the last 7 years.

I created this opportunity for producers and clients to interact without having to give out any margin to any store. It is also an opportunity for the patrons to taste the products and to discuss with the producers and the restaurants present at the markets.

Le Sherpa, Lazimpat

LeSherpa’s farmers market takes place every saturday morning from 8 to 12. It gathers 50 vendors of fresh organic vegetables, produces, fruits, fresh fish and meats, honeys and teas.. all made in Nepal.
It naturally became a place to meet and brunch in the lush garden of LeSherpa. Wines and Prosecco are heavily discounted and allow joyful endings to the markets.

Yellow House, Sanepa

Yellow House is smaller, quieter market that takes place in Sanepa every Sunday morning in theYellow House garden. It gathers about 25 vendors nested under the majestic Jacaranda.