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We started the shop in March 2016 to be able to serve our clients the freshest cheeses in the best fashion. Dolma is here every day but Saturdays from 11 am to 7 pm. Our 15 kinds of cheese are available and can be vacuum packed on the spot or on request depending on load shedding.

Art because I have a personal passion for contemporary art and started collecting it more than ten years ago. I covered the shop with famous old and young upcoming Nepali and regional artists. Most of the art is on sale. Ask Dolma for the prices.

If the door is closed, ring the bell and we will come out to serve you!

Ask to try any cheeseā€¦ and feel free to bring wine to do so!

Himalayan French Cheese Shop Location Cheese and Art

Retail price list

Belkot Cheese kg 2200
Tomme Cheese kg 2000
Nak Extra Cheese (Yak Cheese) kg 2500
Camembert cheese (250g) piece 600
Feta cheese (order 4 days in advance) kg 1800
Saint Marcelin piece 350
Cream cheese tub 400
Munster Cheese kg 3000
Raclette cheese kg 2500
50 Shades kg 250
Pepper kg 250
rosemary kg 250
Alpha kg 1600
Ricotta (order 3 days in advance) tub 450
Blue kg 3000

*13% VAT applicable

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