Himalayan French Cheese | Gallery
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About Us

Love of nature and food brought me to create, in the heart of the Himalayas, Himalayan French Cheese. This poetic dream took birth in the foothills of Shivapuri, a can of milk and 4 Tommes delivered daily by rickety bicycle. The company has aged and matured along with my cheese, and now, from those humble beginnings, 12 years later, 22 Nepalis, 2 French cheese masters all work enthusiastically together towards runnier, sharper cheeses from cow and yak milk.

After a long search, Dhulikhel (where the milk is plentiful and the climate cool enough) became home to my new Cow Cheese Factory. The milk is gathered from the organic model farm of Patleket. From this, with the magic of vegetarian rennet, we produce more than 28 different cheeses from the runny camembert to the sharp cheddar. 

In spring 2015, I started Yak Cheese production in Serding, Ramechhap, on the old route to the Everest. At 3370 meters above sea level our team makes 6 different kinds of cheese with the beautiful organic yak milk.

Francois Driard